About InterUrban

Design and Environment

InterUrban Development focuses on historic preservation, adaptive reuse, and ground up construction projects in urban settings.  InterUrban develops projects for its own portfolio, on behalf of other landowners and as an advisory service – including historic tax credits, property acquisition and development, and other complex structures. InterUrban projects are built using an innovative, thoughtful approach that’s sensitive to urban settings, social needs and the environment.

Mixed Use

InterUrban Development strives to build mixed-use projects that character and energy to their individual and specific environments.  Mixed-use projects allow for greater efficiencies, put less demand on surface parking, encourage walking, and contribute more to the texture of modern cities.  Projects include urban in-fill, urban village, and large-scale developments.

InterUrban Advisors


Robert C. Brewster, Jr.

Rob’s 20+ years of real estate development work has taken him from living quarters in a van parked in the alley behind his first project in Washington, DC to Spokane, Portland and Seattle.  Rob focuses on both renovation of historic buildings and ground up development efforts including a dormitory for Eastern Washington University.  Rob’s projects twice won the State of Washington’s top historic preservation award (2001 Holley Mason, 2009 Arctic Club Hotel).  Rob has served on the board for the Spokane Chamber, Spokane Symphony, and the Mayor’s Economic Task Force. Rob graduated from Santa Clara University in 1992 and went on to work for US Senator Patty Murray in Washington, DC.  He spent most of 1995 in Cerro Punta, Panama working for AMESCONDE/Conservation International rebuilding school houses, clearing paths through a National Park and started an arts cooperative for native Panamanian women artists.  He attended business school at the University of Washington in 1995 and 1996.  In addition to Cerro Punta and cities in the US, he’s lived in Leon, Mexico and Vienna, Austria. rob@interurbandevelopment.com


Troy Johanson

Troy brings an extremely diverse skill set and range of experiences to InterUrban.  His background in corporate development and consulting ranges across industries (from Infrastructure to Media) and disciplines (from analyzing legislation to market sizing).  He has also advised on media, content, sponsorship, and venture strategy.  Troy also produces feature films and is currently the founder and co-owner of an independent film production company Black Maple films based in NYC and LA. Troy graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science.  He is a Seattle area native. troy.johanson@gmail.com


Andres Ochoa

Andres is curious and explorative – reflected through his passion for food, technology, design, innovation, sustainability, and the outdoors. Andres lives and breathes the Pacific Northwest. Skiing at Mt Bachelor, mountain biking in East Tiger, or exploring the thriving Seattle/Portland food scene, he is always thinking about ways to contribute to and improve the built environment. Drawing from his experience in private equity, hospitality, development, and tech, he is constantly borrowing from his experiences and passions to contribute to development projects that have community impact. Andres believes that Seattle and Portland have each become a melting pot for some super creative and smart people, and he enjoys working with, learning from, and even calling a few of them friends. Andres graduated from the University of Colorado with a business degree and an MBA from Willamette University. andres@roguedev.co


Robert C. Brewster, M.D.

Bob graduated from the University of Kansas in 1964,with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and graduated from the University of Kansas School of Medicine in 1968.  Attended the University of Virginia School of Medicine, 1968-1969, was an orthopedic resident at the Mayo Clinic, 1969-1975 and obtained a Masters of Science in Orthopedic Surgery (Biomechanics) from the University of Minnesota in 1976. Bob practiced Orthopedic Surgery in Spokane, Washington from 1975-2008. RiverBank Board of Directors 2006-2012. bob@interurbandevelopment.com

All listed projects were performed in unaffiliated entities, by the President of the Company, and not by the Principals of InterUrban Development, LLC. Architects, engineers, project managers and other key positions for development are contracted out based on individual projects and skill sets needed.