Advisory & Project Intelligence

InterUrban serves in an advisory capacity – helping landowners and other developers create project proposals, pro formas, tax credit structures, entitlements, loan proposals, analyze lender’s capabilities and help derive project “go-no-go” status.  Years of experience with the business structuring, entity creation as well as restructuring debt and Chapter 11 business reorganization, provides its clients with invaluable depth business strategy.

Experience with crowd-funding and EB5 will allow clients to benefit from non-traditional equity and debt tools.

Tax Credits

  • InterUrban will help new projects and investors derive tax credit (new markets and historic) benefits for their projects as an advisor and/or for our own in-house sponsored projects.  InterUrban will link tax credit attorneys, CPAs, can tax credit buyers and help structure deals that are most beneficial to all parties. Help them understand the tax credit structure and the compliance issues that so often trip up otherwise good projects.
  • InterUrban will also work with Regional Centers and international investors to originate EB5 investments in real estate ventures.
  • InterUrban will leverage its experience with the new “democratizing” of real estate financing with crowdfunding sources to help greater a greater market edge for project and to bring additional – less expensive – capital.
  • Having successfully completed over 15 historic tax credit and new market tax credit developments, InterUrban will aid in the origination and partnership development of historic tax credits, new market tax credits and property tax abatement.

Crowd Funding

  • InterUrban will use its experience with CrowdFunding to help clients identify the need and availability of CrowdFudning sources.
  • help clients identity crowdfunding providers.
  • Negotiate fees
  • Structure agreements
  • Properly market development on CrowdFunding sites
  • Develop cost effective, well documented Private Placement Memorandums and Subscription agreements.
  • Development the management mechanism for accepting and managing CrowdFudning investments.
  • Create exit strategies including buy-out concepts

Tenant Advisory

  • Our work has included representing tenants with lease negotiations, location analysis, deal point advice, and business plan creation as it relates to lease scope.

Buyer & Seller Analysis

  • Work closely with Buyers and Sellers to help either side better understand the scope of real estate transactions.  Provide vital analytical and pre-due diligence work to clients.
  • Provide true third party representation of purchases and sales
  • Specialize in historic buildings and complex transitions.


  • Work with structuring business deal points in partnership agreements, complex tax structure origination, creating goals for buyers and sellers prior to marketing property and/or making purchase and sales agreements.
  • Work closely with a number of CPA and law firms that specialize in real estate transactions and partnership formation.
  • Oversight of lending deal points
  • Provide third party analysis of investor involvement in real estate transactions.
  • Restructuring of existing real estate developments and assets.
    • Help make difficult and aggressive decisions for borrowers, guarantors and partnerships
    • Use market analytics to aid in decision-making process for clients.